Sauvons Les Alliances Françaises du COVID-19

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Such is the headline of an article in the April 1st issue of Les Français-Press, a website for French expats. It goes on to explain that some of the Alliances are on the brink of an ‘asphyxie financière’ and that several will not survive the crisis.  SAUVONS LES ALLIANCES FRANÇAISES DU COVID-19

Your Sarasota Alliance is in a better situation than most, thanks to some reserves we have accumulated during the past years. We can weather the crisis in the near future, but we are still hemorrhaging money because, in spite of the wonderful efforts of our teachers, our classes have shrunk. The teachers have managed to teach their classes on line in spite of receiving lower salaries. We are very grateful to them.

Our social activities, the book club, the casse-croûte, the choir, have all stopped for the moment and even our Bastille Day celebration is in jeopardy.


Thank you for your generous gifts we needed it to help us secure a bright future for your Alliance.