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Plymouth Harbor 700 John Ringling Blvd, Sarasota


  Le Château de ma Mère – My Mother’s Castle


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Synopsis et Détails



 Le Château de ma mère


“Le Château de Ma Mère” is a charming motion picture that relives the beautiful childhood and simple (and not so simple) memories of the noted film director and writer Marcel Pagnol. It is based on his best selling book and is set in the period between 1900 and the First World War in 1914 when he was a school boy in Marseilles and the times his family spent at their weekend home.  It stars Julien Ciamaca as Marcel, Nathalie Roussel as his mother and Philippe Caubere as his father.











2/16/2019: Prete Moi Ta Main (2006 – comedy) 

3/16/2018: Camille Claudel 
4/20/2019:  The Housekeeper 
 5/18/2019:  L’Amour Fou (2010 – Documentary – 1h 38 min) 
 6/15/2019:  Stupeur et Tremblement 
7/20/2019: A Very Long Engagement